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5 Popular Movies That Featured a Harley Motorcycle

The art of riding a motorbike was taken to its ultimate level with the presence of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You might’ve seen some of your favorite Hollywood superstars riding this amazing beast on the silver screen. Some of the movies have even showcased the fresh editions of this globally-renowned motorcycle brand.

The Harley-Davidson motorbikes have been featured in many of the popular movies over the decades. Here, we’ve listed some of the popular Hollywood movies that featured a Harley motorcycle:

1. Easy Rider

This movie featured a Harley motorcycle in all its glory. Easy Rider is a classic western film starring Peter Fonda. It showed the Harley-Davidson edition called the 1951 Panhead Chopper. Fonda played the role of ‘Wyatt’ in the film and called the bike ‘Captain America’ chopper. This made the motorcycle an iconic Harley-Davidson model among the ones used in films until now.

Some of the details about this motorbike continue to amaze the enthusiasts of Harleys. These motorcycles were actually built for the movie and only one survived the shooting’s wear and tear. Unfortunately, it suffered heavy damages in the warehouse of a collector in Texas. So, there’s only one credible replica of this bike, which has been kept in the Harley-Davidson museum.

2. Rocky III

The Rocky film series has a special place in the hearts of Sylvester Stallone fans. They’re still remembered as iconic movies that immortalized the character of a boxer. Somehow, the powerful presence of a Harley-Davidson model overshadows his persona.

In the third installment of the series, Stallone rides a 1978 FLH Electra Glide Harley-Davidson bike. The character of Rocky in the movie also paints the picture of an angry young rider. He rides this dream machine with an astonishingly uncompromising gusto.

3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If you’ve always loved watching sci-fi action movies, you’d have surely seen Terminator 2. This film features Arnold Schwarzenegger riding Harley-Davidson’s 1990 Fat Boy edition. An impressive motorcycle chase in the movie mesmerized the audiences globally.

In the scene, this Harley beast chases the Honda XR-100 dirt bike. This scene is still one of the most popular and iconic movie scenes. Don’t miss Terminator 2 if you want to see one of the favorite Harley beasts in action.

4. Pulp Fiction

In this movie, you’ll get to see Harley Davidson’s 1986 edition of the FXR Super Glide. The movie shows Bruce Willis riding this Harley Davidson model. It had to go through some customization for the movie’s shoot. Many consider this film as a masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino.

It received praise as the best film since 1983 from Entertainment Weekly in 2008. The cast of this film also received praise, particularly John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samuel Jackson.

5. Ghost Rider

The Harley-Davidson model used in Ghost Rider is a Panhead-based Chopper. This movie featured some iconic scenes with Nicholas Cage as the main character. Although this movie received negative reviews from the critics, it was a success at the box office. In the film, Eva Mendes and Sam Elliott are the ones riding the Harley motorcycle. This cool visual spectacle would surely inspire you to grab a Harley bike and hit the road.

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