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5 Amazing Facts About Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The globally renowned motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson, has manufactured some iconic motorcycles for more than a century. All of them have become a favorite of many riders owing to their marvelous features. A few of these features include a roaring exhaust sound, charming designs, and a comfortable riding experience.

They were the result of the founders’ constant endeavors to build motorcycles of excellent maneuverability and unmatched speed. The performance of these bikes during road trips, races, and police work has proven their efficiency. There are lots of interesting and fun facts associated with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Here, we’ll go through some of them:

1. All the Harley-Davidson motorbikes come with an environmental warranty

Although the riders of Harley-Davidson motorcycles might not have any concerns for the environment, the company certainly does. The company’s commitment towards environmental protection began when the conversations about climate change started in the 2000s. It decided that each of their motorbikes would be sold with an environmental warranty.

Thus, all the parts used in Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles in recent times are EPA complaint. The company offers free replacement or repairs of any defective part in these motorcycles. Harley-Davidson’s commitment to lowering the emissions has earned it a lot of respect today, especially from its younger fans.

2. The first Harley-Davidson motorbike was created in a shed

If you’ve studied the success stories of companies, you’ll see that most of them had started small. The story of Harley-Davidson is no different, as the building of its first motorcycle happened in a shed. It was a simple wooden shed, which had a door with ‘Harley-Davidson’ written on it.

Their first motorcycle looked more like an ordinary bicycle with a tiny motor and an attached engine. The first functional prototype of Harley-Davidson motorbikes was ready by 1903. However, the official release of the company’s production model happened two years later.

3. The company also manufactured bicycles for some time

The company once planned to attract teen riders by producing bicycles. With this plan, they hoped that these teens would buy a Harley-Davidson motorbike when they grew up. The company manufactured these bicycles between the years 1916 and 1921.

Apparently, they were great with regards to comfort and manufacturing excellence in comparison to the bicycles of other manufacturers. Unfortunately, this couldn’t translate into the desired sales numbers as these bicycles were a lot more expensive. This resulted in the end of their production by 1921.

4. Motorcycles of Harley-Davidson were used in the First World War

Many of the armies fighting in the First World War had started using motorcycles in the field. The British army was the first to adopt motorbikes for general military use. The Triumph Model H that they used was quite decent, but certainly not superior to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Over 15,000 Harley-Davidsons were ordered immediately by the United States when they joined the war. This meant massive profits for the company and a great deal of public recognition for their motorbikes.

5. The iconic sound of Harley-Davidson has a mechanical reason

It’s no secret that Harley-Davidson produces some of the best cruiser bikes. They’ve become a favorite of many riders owing to their quality and elegance. One thing that they seem to love the most is the growling sound of their engines. A major force behind this sound is its 45-degree engine. This unique arrangement of the motor causes the cylinders to fire at uneven intervals.

It results in a roaring sound that can be heard from a considerable distance. Harley had once tried to have the sound trademarked. As there was a likelihood of other motorcycles producing a similar sound, the trademark was denied.

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