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5 Excellent Features of Harley Davidson Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 has been a favorite among many bikers who like to take on the city streets. Announcement of the Street motorcycle series of the company was made at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan. The Street series motorbikes are positioned as the entry-level models of Harley-Davidson. They have the lowest price point among the company’s lineup of motorbikes.

The Street 750 is powered by a 753 cc engine. It’s a displacement version of the company’s 60-degree SOHC V-twin, also called the V2 engine. The production of this model was done at the company’s facility in Kansas. Here are some of the excellent features of the Harley-Davidson Street 750:

1. Comfort

Harley-Davidson gave the Street 750 a lower seat height. This made the motorcycle more comfortable to ride. The individual riding this motorbike can easily maintain good balance and control. With an overall weight of 514 pounds in running order, the Street 750 is a fairly light bike. This bike easier to manipulate as well.

Another reason for the bike being so comfortable is its lean angle of 28.5 degrees. This works in case of both left and right turns. For gaining the required confidence to ride a motorcycle, it’s extremely necessary to get comfortable with counter-steering. The Street 750 gives a lot of confidence to the bikers with this feature.

2. Style

A biker riding the 2020 Harley Davidson Street 750 can ride in an upright position. This is owing to the low stance that the motorcycle offers while on the road. The rider can choose between five heritage paint colors for the tank and fenders. These colors are Black & Denim, Vivid Black, Barracuda Silver Denim, Performance Orange, and Vivid Black Deluxe.

The motorcycle appears tough with regards to its look owing to its blacked-out engine. If the riders want a motorbike that looks stylish, the Street 750 would be a great choice.

3. Price

One of the best aspects of 2020 Street 750 is its lower price. The starting cost of this motorcycle upon entering the market was $7,599. This makes this motorbike a fantastic option for the riders. It would appeal especially to those riders who want a great bike without breaking the bank.

This bike’s design takes the city-dwellers into consideration. It’s a known fact that lifestyle in most of the cities around the world is quite expensive. This is why the Street 750 would be a wonderful choice for the Harley fans residing in cities.

4. Engine

The Street 750’s 2020 model has the power needed to take on the streets of the city in style. It has a liquid-cooled 753 cc V-twin engine. This engine reaches a maximum torque of 47.9 pounds per feet at 4,000 RPM.

5. Fine-tuned performance

The Street 750 comes with fine-tuned shock absorbers that give the rider a smooth riding experience. They also ensure steadiness of the motorbike while traveling through rough roads. Street 750’s anti-lock brakes are of great help when the riders need to make sudden stops. The motorcycle’s low center of gravity and light weight makes it easier to take off and get going.

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