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6 Useful Maintenance Tips for Your Harley

Of course, owning a Harley-Davidson motorbike would be a matter of pride for anyone. However, it’s important to remember that this is also a matter of responsibility for the owner. Among the greatest responsibilities as an owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is its regular servicing and maintenance.

This not only helps in keeping your bike looking great but also ensures safety while riding. Here we’ve presented the most simple and useful tips for the maintenance of your Harley motorcycle:

1. Review the user’s manual

Anyone can give you general tips on maintaining motorbikes, but you must always start with the user’s manual. Before going ahead with the maintenance tasks, you must review the user’s manual of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If you don’t have the manual with you, simply visit the Harley-Davidson website and download a copy.

2. Check the brakes

You must check the brake pads of your Harley bike frequently to make sure that they wear evenly. Check for any questionable occurrences, such as excessive vibration, grinding, squealing, or other noises. If you hear any of them, you might need to have the cylinders inspected or the brake pads replaced.

Brake fluid must be topped off regularly in the front and the back reservoir. If you’re not able to maintain the brakes yourself, you can take your motorcycle to a professional for assistance.

3. Inspect the tires

The tires of your Harley motorbike must be checked regularly for the air pressure to ensure proper inflation. This is a good way to avoid any mishaps. Maintenance of your motorcycle’s tires can prevent the possibility of a blowout on the road. Such events might almost certainly lead to accidents.

The tires must be inflated according to the company specifications. The next thing to inspect is the tread. Make sure that there’s no physical damage, including scrapes, abrasions, bald spots, or cuts. You must also check whether there are any foreign objects in the tread.

4. Check the fuel

Clogged filters must be avoided as far as possible. Water condenses easily in the tank, which might lead to problems when starting up your motorbike. Make sure your motorcycle doesn’t sputter or struggle to start. If you’re taking your bike out of the garage after a winter, you might have problems with your fuel. Consider using gasoline additives or use high octane fuel if you don’t ride your bike that often.

5. Keep the chains and belts clean

You’ll need to lubricate the chains and belts of your motorbike to keep them in good shape. They play an important role in the performance of your motorcycle. You’ll also need to inspect the belts for any tears that might need some fixing. The slack on your motorcycle’s chains and belts must not be too loose or too tight. Remove any buildup of dirt on the chains immediately to keep them clean.

6. Maintain the quality of oil

Make sure that the engine oil of the bike is within the correct range on the dipstick. The presence of metal shavings or any such objects can cause an internal damage. Check whether the oil appears too sludgy or dark. You must see to it that it doesn’t have water or other contaminants.

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